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We are not a Modeling Agency is NOT a modeling agency.  We offers WORK FOR HIRE, CONTESTS WITH PAID BENEFITS, and/or INCOME GENERATED BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES; Our calendar catalogue and platform allow models and photographers to generate income from their products and services.

Our Set Up

Our set up provides all models, photographers, agencies and industry participants of all level, from amateurs to professionals, with the possibilities to generate substantial income for themselves.

Making Money with Calendars

We provide a platform for all industry entrepreneur, not to wait to be discovered, but the ability to create their own products and promote them on an international level, from the comfort of their own home or office.

Our affiliation with major distributors and key partners, gave us the ability to become one of the most important calendar maker; allowing all models, photographers and agencies to reach an audience of over 350 millions; in the calendar industry that generates in itself over $450 millions a year.

our collection
We own the biggest and the most influential Online Glamour Calendars catalogue in the industry.  Giving a great opportunity for models to be promoted through various channel.
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